marketing quiz

Sam has been tasked with writing a series of objectives for the coming year. If each of them has a very exact relationship to his project, which part of the SMART is this?






Bill and Kate are telling their friends about their upcoming visit Universal Studios and that they think it is one of the most exciting places. This is an example of Universal Studio’s __________________

Incorrect Response

Brand perception

Correct Answer

Brand image

Promotional campaign


Promotional campaign

The Bark and Brew, , a local coffee shop that caters to dogs in addition to the dog owner, has divided the local market into five different market segments. Each segment has the same potential. If the company decided to follow a concentrated target marketing approach it would mean:

Correct Answer

The company would pick one of the segments and develop and implement a marketing mix strategy for that one segment only.

Incorrect Response

The company would develop a different marketing mix strategy for each segment and then implement each strategy.

The company would develop a single marketing mix strategy and apply it to all five of the segments.

The company would pick two or three of the segments and develop a marketing strategy for them.

Research and experience shows that most supermarkets are able to draw customers from approximately a five mile radius; however, Trader’s Joe’s draws from a much larger area due to their image and special products. If Trader Joe’s uses this phenomenon in developing a persona for a group of customers, this would be an example of what type of segmentation?






Juan is setting the pricing policy of his firm to increase market share. His pricing objective is:

Status-quo oriented.

None of the above.

Any of the above – depending on the situation.

Incorrect Response

Profit oriented.

Correct Answer

Sales oriented.

Business transaction in a free market economy involves:

An exchange in which price serves as a measure of quality.

A loss of consumer surplus.

An exchange of money – the money being the Price – for something of value.

An exchange at a list price.


That’s My Baby produces very high quality car seats and strollers. Their social media manager is launching a campaign to get new moms to post pictures of their kids using the products and swap stories with other moms. This is an example of what type of social media marketing?

User generated content

Direct content

Social interaction

Earned content

Direct socialization

What does the phrase “the principles and standards that define acceptable marketing conduct as determined by various stakeholders.”

Cause marketing

Mission statement

Marketing ethics

A marketing tagline

None of the above.

Tom’s Shoe’s uses a buy one – give one business model in which they give a pair of shoes to a needy child for each one you buy. What type of marketing best describes this?


Market mix based

Correct Answer


Incorrect Response

Social Advertising


All o fthe above

Dave is developing a social media platform to help Saint Leo students plan events and track attendance. Part of his persona profile includes age, gender and class year. What part of segmentation best describes these factors?






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