Marking Criteria



The purpose of this assignment is to enable you to demonstrate your understanding of the meaning of family from your own personal experience, from experiences of others, and from current theoretical and statistical perspectives on family, as discussed in the literature.

Assignment Guidelines and Marking Criteria

  • Select 3 photos from a photo gallery or go to Google Images and enter “family” or another search term to find images that best depict your sense of family at this point in time (You can include pictures of your own family). Attach the pictures as appendices.
  • Explain how the photos selected represent the definition of family in general and based on your own experience of family in comparison to the statistical representations of family forms in Canada. (6 marks)
  • Discuss the major sociocultural changes that have contributed to the changing demographics of Canadian families and how this relates to your images, and experience of family. (4 marks)
  • Include the theoretical foundation(s) you find most helpful to explain your definition and your experience of family and why. (6 marks)
  • Use APA (6th ed.) format in your assignment. (5 marks)
  • Demonstrate critical analysis and synthesis of content and ensure writing is succinct and clear in your assignment. Reference sources should always include peer reviewed journal articles. Refer to the Scholarly Evidence Guide for more information on how to access peer reviewed sources. (4 marks)
  • Your reflection should be a maximum of 8 pages (excluding the title page, abstract, references, and appendices)
  • Your paper may be written in the first person, as it is based upon your personal perspective of family and how this compares to what has been said and written about it by others.

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