Write on one (1) of the following topics:

Topic 1:

While it is traditionally held that Marx and Engels were against capitalism and thus the industrial revolution, an argument can be made that both men could believe industrialization was a positive development. Using The Communist Manifesto, explain how this argument could be true.

Topic 2:

Define “Realism” as a major art movement during the nineteenth century. Google images of Courbet, such as “The Stone Breakers” and “Burial at Ornans.” Courbet used to brag that he was known as “the first socialist painter.” Explain how Courbet’s paintings reflect the philosophy of Realism as a response to the Industrial Revolution.

Topic 3:

Why did the Dostoevsky’s Underground Man succumb to inertia (paralysis)? His central conflict seems to be between his ability to exercise free will and the insistence by scientists that his will is determined by his genetic makeup. Consider the Underground Man’s assertion that that free will can cause paralysis because people are afraid to take responsibility for their actions. Also consider how the “laws of nature” can be used as an excuse for lack of character and personal failures.

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