meaningful writing


The writing style is almost like a reference for every sentence to every other sentence. If you state a term, idea, or concept that is not your own, you need to provide a reference. Each paragraph should focus one idea and should do so in a way that it connects back to helping readers understand either the topic of your study, the complexity of your problem, or the main research question in your study.

These are references that need to be embedded in your paragraphs. If you talk about an idea, concept, or model or term, you need to provide a reference at the end of that sentence. You mention a static or state something as a fact; you need a reference at the end of that sentence. Your thoughts about the topic might be true, but if you cannot find a reference that supports it and allows you to write in a way that does not read like it is your own bias and opinion, then you need to remove the sentence.

You cannot list terms and concepts unless you connect them to your problem statement, purpose statement, and research questions.

The case

Introduction consist of 1-2 page overview  explaining  what is currently concerning   happening. < you can repurpose week two assignment  to complete this section>

Remember, this is a culmination of all the work you’ve done throughout this course.


Literature review

Remember, many of these theories and concepts can come from your course text or from university on-line library from articles that you get using the following search terms. Present an 8 to 9 pages of theories, models, and concepts describing how you fix or address the problem in the selected case study.

Suggested Search Terms

Kotter Change Management Model

Strategic planning, Disaster Recovery planning

Business Continuity Planning

Servant Leadership

Employee Engagement

Organizational Pandemic Planning

Workforce Staffing Planning, Emergency Response Planning

Cybersecurity Risks with Telework, Organizational Planning

Organizational Development

and Agile Project Management

< I encourage you to add some terms of your own here>


Write your final paper consisting of 15 to 17 pages refining the draft paper for the case study solution (s) presented in week 4.

As you work on your final paper, I would like to reiterate the importance of use the APA writing style and Grammarly to enhance your document.


You are required to write at the graduate level with meaningful writing. Your paper should be in the following format:

  • APA Style
  • A cover page and Reference page
  • double spaced 12 point Times Roman New in APA format.
  • A minimum of 20 different references, which could include your course textbook
    • majority of your reference should be scholastic resources
    • Wikipedia  is not an acceptable source of reference
  • Paragraphs should be written in the MEAL writing style for clarity in terms of making the argument. See resource page in this course.
  • attachment

  • attachment


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