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Hemodialysis (also known as “dialysis”) is a common treatment for patients with kidney disease. In the United States, more than 468,000 patients are on dialysis (NIH, 2018). Since 1993, hospitalization rates related to the process of dialysis has risen between 47-87% (CDC, 2018).

Many patients seek dialysis care at outpatient facilities that are not inspected as frequently as other healthcare facilities, like nursing homes and hospitals. For example, in California, kidney dialysis clinics are only inspected on average once every six years.

In at least a 1 page paper address the following questions and write a reply of at least 100 words in a separate paper to the attached file:

  • Should kidney dialysis centers be held to the same safety standards as other healthcare facilities?
  • Are current regulations for dialysis centers strong enough?
  • Should more frequent inspections be required?
  • Are there other ways to reduce the risk of infection for dialysis patients?

Please submit your initial post and respond to the attached student’s post. The response must contain at least 100 words whether you agree or disagree with the attached student post (Must include APA reference and intext citation).

Requirements: 1 page for initial post AND at least 100 words for response


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