Medical Institutions that Existed in Preindustrial America Discussion

Module 3 Medical Institutions that Existed in Preindustrial America Discussion

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‘Select one of the following questions for your initial post, which is due before Thursday evening at 11:59 pm EST.

Please copy and paste the question at the beginning of your initial response so everyone knows which question you are answering.

Be sure to include a properly formatted citation from the peer-reviewed literature for your initial post. Required citation from your textbook and a peer-reviewed source. You must also respond to one of your classmates’ posts prior to Saturday night at 11:59 pm.

  • Describe the two main types of medical institutions that existed in preindustrial America.
  • Discuss how health insurance in the United States became employer-based without government mandates. Discuss the impact this has on current insurance offered through employers.
  • Enumerate some of the main reasons why, unlike today, medical practice in preindustrial America was a trade without prestige.
  • What do you understand by corporatization of healthcare in the United States?

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