Medication Teaching


Medication Teaching Plan Template (7%)

Scenario: Client C is an alert and oriented 65-year-old who lives with a partner in an apartment building. Although still active, arthritis in the hands led to C’s decision to retire 5 years ago from working at a car manufacturing factory. Since retiring, C volunteers at the local hospital twice a week and works part-time as a “greeter” in a department store.

Drug: Penicillin PO 250 mg q8h

Health Teaching Plan Framework Learning Theory with rationale:





Overview of teaching plan (synopsis of who, what, when, where, why, how will be taught )




Two (2) Learning Outcomes of teaching session:




By completion of teaching session….


Content/Time frame











Teaching Strategies/Tools/Major domains of learning




Teaching resources/references











Instruction Files

Medication Teaching Plan Template.docx

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