Methodology This study will propose a quantitative methodology to address the research question. This will allow for generalization and theorization based on the data available. The researchers will assimilate information from both child welfare and criminal justice systems to identify outcomes for victims of the commercial sex industry who are under the age of 18 years old. Gathering and analyzing data, which includes information from the Polaris Project, No Wrong Door and Chance, will allow the researchers the opportunity to identify commonality between victims, which may lead to a deeper understanding of the commercial sex industry. Ideally, this research will also influence state governments on the question of criminalizing minor victims of sex trafficking.


No discernable methodology; or method is inappropriate for the scope, focus and type of research question Some sections of methodology are described, with minimal detail, demonstrating minimal knowledge of accepted research practice. Research design is identified and described. Design supports the research question.Provides sampling procedure, recruitment, consent process, and study site, but could benefit from further clarificationThoroughly describes study implementation, but some steps could benefit from further clarification or expansionLacks full conceptualization or operationalization of DVs and IVs.Lacks full details of measurement decisions. Level of measurement is Research design is identified and described. Design clearly supports the research question.Provides sampling procedure, recruitment, consent process, and study site, but could benefit from further clarificationThoroughly describes study implementation, but some steps could benefit from further clarification or expansionAppropriately identifies, conceptualizes, and operationalizes at least 2 DVs and 5 IVsMeasurement may lack direct connection to the conceptualization of the variables, thorough Research design is clearly identified and thoroughly described. Design clearly supports research question.Thorough description of sampling procedure, recruitment, consent process and study site, n projected. Justifies all steps of the sampling procedure.Thoroughly describes study implementationExplains and justifies all steps of the implementation process as relevant to the research design Appropriately identifies, conceptualizes, and operationalizes at least 2 DVs and 5 IVsDetails measurement of all variables appropriate to the study.consideration of scales. Level of measurement is appropriate to the studyLevel of measurement is appropriate to the study and clearly justified.

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