Ministry Event Assignment Instructions



Upon successful completion of this assignment, you will conduct a ministry event, incorporating and integrating course content to date. This module provides an opportunity to apply ministry mission, vision, and objectives.



You are required to conduct a ministry event. To that end, your event must reflect the following:

  • This event should be a minimum of 30 minutes but not exceed more than a day-long activity.
  • This event could take the form of a workshop, seminar, community event, Sunday school class, lecture series, Bible study, small group or youth event, or an acceptable alternative (pending approval by the course professor).
  • This event may not be comprised of a past event but should reflect a current program.
  • This event must be intentionally designed based on the course components and may not be part of a regularly scheduled ministry engagement.
  • This event must include an audience of persons and may be conducted via digital technologies. An element of the event must be videoed. Video quality must reflect excellence including good lighting, sound, image, and appropriate/professional representation.
  • You will lead or conduct an event and provide at least a 5-minute video presentation of some portion of the event. The entire event does not need to be captured digitally but at least one component of the live event must be provided. The event does not need to necessarily happen in Module 7: Week 7 if the student would like to do something earlier in the course timeframe.





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