Ministry Strategy Assignment Instructions



Upon successful completion of this module, you will develop an overview of how to plan and develop a strategy for ministry events. Strategic planning is an effective process for event development.



You will begin developing a plan for conducting a live ministry event. This could take the form of a workshop, seminar, community event, Sunday school class, lecture series, Bible study, small group or youth event, or an acceptable alternative (pending approval by the course professor). This event may not be comprised of a past event but should reflect a current program. This event must include an audience of persons and may be conducted via digital technologies. An element of the event must be videoed.

The event will be conducted in module 7: Week 7 of the course.

You will identify a ministry event for the local church or community. Once an event is identified, you will develop a strategy for executing the event. The strategic plan will include a:

  • Rationale describing the need
  • Objectives identifying the intended outcomes
  • Strategic plan that includes identification of the location, targeted demographics, facility and material needs, number of volunteers if needed, potential permissions needed, a timeline for promotion, and a proposed schedule for the event.
  • Current Turabian format must be used in all formatting, including the title page, pagination, footnotes, and bibliography.
  • This plan should be written largely in narrative form but can include listed items.
  • The plan should be 500 – 1,000 words.
  • Additionally, your work should be cogent and concise, substantive, and edited for typos, spelling, grammar, and style.



Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the SafeAssign plagiarism tool.



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