Module 2 Discussion: Agents of Socialization, Categories, and DevianceContains unread posts

Must post first.
Utilizing evidence with in-text citations from course materials, answer parts A and B in an initial posting. Your initial answer should be a minimum of 300 words, and demonstrate an ability to think critically about ideas and thoughts, and specifically articulate a position that takes into account the complexity of an issue.

Initial Posting (30 points):
Select one agent of socialization (i.e. family, friends, school, or the mass media) and explain how it has impacted your perceptions of formal and informal deviance.
Next, consider how changing a category you belong to (e.g. race, gender, sexual orientation, or social class) might shift the way your previously discussed agent of socialization influences your perceptions of deviance.
NOTE: Include a works cited page for your initial response

Response to a Classmate (20 points):
After submitting your initial post, you are also required to respond to at least one other student’s posting. In a minimum of 200 words, again demonstrate an ability to critically think about sociological issues. When providing your response, be sure to meet the following criteria:
Considering what a classmate wrote in Part B of their assignment, how changing a demographic characteristic might reshape the way an agent of socialization shapes their perceptions of deviance, make an argument whether the conflict, functionalist, or symbolic interactionist paradigm is best equipped to interpret their explanation.
Using in-text citations, provide evidence to support your position.
Include a works cited page for your response to a peer.
IMPORTANT: Please note that it is your responsibility to ensure your work submits correctly. This can easily be verified by viewing submissions.

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