Module 4 Knowledge Check

Question 1 (1 point)

When a superior elicits sex from a subordinate in return for some employment benefit, this is knows as ________.

Question 1 options:

Question 2 (1 point)

Victims of sexual harassment may sue for ________ and ________ damages.

Question 2 options:

Question 3 (1 point)

An employee is entitled to up to ________ of unpaid family and medical leave.

Question 3 options:

Question 4 (1 point)

Customer preferences can be a form of ________.

Question 4 options:

Question 5 (1 point)

Arguments against grooming have come in the form of the ________Amendments.

Question 5 options:

Question 6 (1 point)

Under the Family and Medical Leave Act, employees who qualify are entitled to up to 12 weeks of paid leave.

Question 6 options:

Question 7 (1 point)

Under Title VII, the supervisor committing the sexual harassment can be sued personally.

Question 7 options:

Question 8 (1 point)

Family leave can be taken to care for a parent who has a serious health condition.

Question 8 options:

Question 9 (1 point)

Comparable worth involves assigning values to male dominated and female dominated occupations.

Question 9 options:

Question 10 (1 point)

The Equal Pay Act prohibits pay differential for those working abroad.

Question 10 options:

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