Motor Skills

Provide a 2 pages analysis while answering the following question: Motor Skills (MOVIE). Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Motor Skills Motor Skills Remember the Titans revolves around the new incorporation of a high school in an American football team. The coach implicitly builds his team’s motor learning skills, thereby making motor control a key focus in the film. The fundamental principles of kinesiology are demonstrated all through the film. The following paper explores motor learning skills and principles present in Remember the Titans in depth.


Coach Boone critically challenges his team players all through the film because he needs them to see significance of prioritizing their potentials. Coach Boone conveys a great speech that challenges his team “to fight together [or] we will all be destroyed” (Yakin, 2000). All players were at an early stage of learning that the coach believed required a type of challenge that surpasses other challenges the players dealt with outside training such as racial discrimination. A challenge from Coach Boone during training assuredly taught his team to apply the attitude of “fight[ing] together” in all challenging situations (Yakin, 2000).


Motivation in Remember the Titans came from the coach, immediate surroundings, and during the advanced phases of learning. A fundamental principle of kinesiology is encouraging advanced staged learners to pursue their interests at all costs, which is applicable in sports. Motivation in Remember the Titans influences the performance of the student athletes positively. More specifically, Coach Boone compelled the high school learners to unite for a common cause despite racial differences (Yakin, 2000). Industriousness and patience are values that make up the motivation principle necessary for accomplishing ultimate motor control.


Repetitive practice is Coach Boone’s main instrument for assuring motor control within the team ahead of all games. Coach Boone makes sure his team’s quarterback acquire the necessary game-like motor control as he puts him through many practices that enable him to perform and maintain the ability to implement these motor skills. A quarterback is not prosperous without these three primary aspects. Coach Boone instills these aspects in all players and not the quarterback only by emphasizing the interaction of all team players to discover their backgrounds before practice (Yakin, 2000).


The film centers on the training of a group of talented football players through the enhancement of their physical abilities, maneuvering skills, opponent analysis, and existing knowledge about the sport and its history. To do this, Coach Boone believes he ought to make a breakthrough impact on his team by punishing those who do not learn motor control as required (Yakin, 2000). Physical punishment replaces peace, affection, and understanding during training sessions. As a result, players in the film learn to either fight each other or collaborate to win, which is successful.


Remember the Titans portrays the importance and application of biomechanical skills in learning athletes. Throwing a ball, ensuring it spins in a spiral manner, and estimating its landing position, as well as those of recipient players, requires proficient biomechanical skills. Three four skills have to work consistently for the team to score and perform excellently, which was Coach Boone’s main concern. Coach Boone was not satisfied with only the quarterback taking on a scientific approach to play (Yakin, 2000. As a result, Coach Boone made sure all players made properly projected passes, determine the speed of a thrown ball, its acceleration, elevation, distance, and direction.

In conclusion, Remember the Titans successful portrays the importance and application of the five motor learning principles amongst learning athletes. The coach delivers his most challenging move by taking his team to Gettysburg&nbsp.cemetery& part of their training. For the quarterback to perform as the core of the pitch, he gains game-like motor skills through repetitive exercises. Coach Boone also punishes team players unable to cooperate and learn motor skills to compel them to learn the significance of integrated motor control in a team. Lastly, the team successfully acquires motor skills through repetitive practice, performs, and retains them.


Yakin, B. (2000). Remember the Titans. Film. New York, NY: Jerry Bruckheimer Films.

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