Part 1: Using the 15 data users listed in Chapter 4, use the Excel template provided to create a matrix. The rows are your data users. As your column headings, you will enter the reason why the users use the data. You will use an “X” to indicate which data uses apply to which data users. For an example of what a matrix is look at Table 5 (pages 14-18) in the “Navigating Regulatory Change” Submit Part 1 in Excel

Part 2: Now that you are familiar with some of the users and uses of health care data, think about some other uses. Imagine you are some of those users. Select 8 of the users categories from your textbook and write a different example than in your textbook of how users use data. Some of the uses might not be obvious. They should be in full sentences and part 2 should be in a WORD document

For example, if you have ever read a research article, then you have used health care data because the researcher has used health care data to perform the research. You do not necessarily have to have personal experience using this data. Remember you are “in the users shoes” and need to describe how they would use the data. Your answers should be specific. Not just “doctor gives care.”

I’ve included a template in Excel for you to use for your assignment (see attached). I’ve also given you an example of what it should look like. If you are not sure how to use Excel, go to the FAQ link on the left to find some short videos.

You should be submitted an excel file and a word file for this assignment.




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