This one can be over a a 40 yr old 5th pregnancy 24 weeks gestation who presents with bleeding

complication would be Placenta Previa

I will upload what the format should look like but all section should be sentences structure.

Same format as the information uploaded

Schadewald, D. M., Pritham, U.A., Youngkin, E. Q., Davis, M. S., & Juve, C. (2020). Women\’s health: A primary care clinical guide (5th ed.) Pearson.

Your patient has one of the pregnancy complications described in the chapter. Describe the following:

  • Your patient’s demographics (age, weight, height, nationality, socioeconomic status).
  • Etiology of the condition.
  • Subjective and objective data.
  • Any screening/labs required.
  • Differential diagnosis.
  • Plan for treatment.

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