Anticipatory Guidance

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Book reference: Schadewald, D. M., Pritham, U.A., Youngkin, E. Q., Davis, M. S., & Juve, C. (2020). Women\’s health: A primary care clinical guide (5th ed.) Pearson.


Using pp. 484–489 and pp. 492–493 of your Schadewald et al. text, select both a single chemical and a single travel concern for your patient from the lists describing both.

How will you treat and educate your patient for those concerns you mentioned?

Nurse practitioner care is derived from evidence-based practice. Knowing this, go to the library and identify one article that supports one of your interventions related either to the chemical or travel concern.

Examples (not limited to):

  • Chemical – Alcohol, sweeteners, caffeine, drugs, over the counter medications/vitamins/herbs, prescription drugs
  • Travel – Listeriosis, lyme, seatbelt use, airplane travel, vaccination status, Tuberculosis

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