Nursing and Allied Health


Unitek College School of Nursing and Allied Health

Pediatric Clinical Written Assignment: Semester 2

Professors: Masha Aranovich, RN, MSN-CNS ([email protected])

Supneet Kaur, RN, MSN-FNP ([email protected])

Clinical Site: Children’s Recovery Center of Northern California

– This assignment should be 3-4 typed pages.

– The paper must follow APA format 6th edition guidelines

)- reference website or

may use the APA textbook.

– Reference materials must be from appropriate sources for nursing

professionals such as CDC, professional journals and current nursing medical

texts (Wikipedia or WebMD are not appropriate).

– Please cite and put in quotations all work not in your own words. Please cite

your references inside the paper and at the end of your paper on the reference

page (follow APA 6th Edition Guidelines).

– The assignment is due a week following the end of your Pediatric clinical

rotation; if your Pediatric clinical ended on Wednesday, your assignment

will be due on Wednesday, the following week, at 9 AM.

– Please submit your assignment to your instructors via email AND hard


– As per Unitek policy 5 points per day will be deducted from your grade for

each day late. After 3 days, your grade is an automatic 0%.

Please address all 3 following questions as a part of your assignment

Chose a MAJOR diagnosis from the chart associated with your Pediatric Patient’s

chart. (Please have your clinical instructor approve your choice of diagnosis).

1. Write a paragraph describing this condition: cause, incidence, signs and

symptoms, treatment and prognosis.

2. List all scheduled medications for your patient over last 24 hours.

List drug

What classification is this drug?

Why is it being used for your patients?

The pediatric dosage range for this drug? Is the dose your patient is

receiving is safe (please support with calculations).

What are possible side effects of the drug

What are the nursing interventions and considerations when your

patient is receiving this medication? Are there any serum lab

parameters that must be monitored?

3. What is your patient’s chronologic age? How has this diagnosis affected

their physical, cognitive and developmental progress?

Please indicate your patient’s initials and age on your paper.


Instruction Files

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