(Nursing Research Class)

Using established guidelines, critique the data collection, analysis, and implications of a published quantitative study. Just needs to be a few paragraphs, with study cited in APA format. (Nursing Research Class)
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The Quantitative Critique that i am reviewing is a study by Allen, Holland, and Reynolds that was conducted in Australia to examine the relationship between bullying and burnout. It also examines the effects of psychological detachment on that relationship to get more of an understanding of the potential moderators of burnout.
Research Method
A cross-sectional quantitative study conducted with self-completed, anonymous questionnaires. (Allen, Holland & Reynolds, 2015). Bullying was measured using a scale developed by Quine who identified twenty types of bullying behavior. The psychological detachment was measured using four items from the Recovery Experience Questionnaire.

Burnout was measured using the seven-item work-related burnout subscale from the Copenhagen Burnout Inventory. (Allen et al., 2015). Data Collection The participants were recruited via the Australian Nursing and Midwifery website. There were 762 participants. Eighty -nine percent were female with an average age of 46.5. The average number of hours worked per week was 35.7, with the mean number of years working as a nurse being 20.4 years. Analysis Finding According to the study, sixty-one percent of respondents reported experiencing at least two instances of bullying in the last 12 months. While on average respondents reported experiencing six instances of bullying out of a possible total of 60 in the last 12 months. Respondents reported moderate levels of psychological detachment. The mean level of burnout reported was 54.3 out of 100. Bullying and burnout were significantly positively correlated, while psychological detachment and burnout were significantly negatively correlated.

Psychological detachment and bullying were also significantly negatively correlated (Allen et al., 2015). Implications Since bullying and burnout have such negative consequences to individuals and healthcare organizations the findings support taking a proactive role in preventing them. Policies and procedures can be set to prevent and or manage bullying behaviors. Also providing training and education on ways to facilitate psychological detachment from work would be beneficial. Reference: Allen, B. C., Holland, P., Reynolds, R. (2015). The effects of bullying on burnout in nurses: the moderating role of psychological detachment. Journal of Advanced Nursing,71(2), 381-390 doi:10.1111/jan.12489


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