1. Define 3 types of leadership models (see page 463 in your text book or you may venture out and use other leadership models as well).
2. Assess the difference between a leader and a manager.
3. Evaluate the effectiveness of the 3 leadership models, efficiency, lack of efficiency, and why or why not.
4. Discuss personal experiences outside of the course by sharing new perspectives and incorporating your own thoughts and ideas backed up by evidence from peer reviewed journal articles.

*Please note that leadership models and theories are two different things. Please use leadership models only.

Many of us have had experience with different types of leadership in our nursing practice.  Who made the most positive influence in your job? Who made the least influence? Which leadership style do you find most efficient?  Take your ideas and thoughts and back them up with some evidence based practice to formulate your final project.
Final Project Instructions:
Your assignment is to write a paper on the objectives noted above (# 1-4).
A) Use as many peer reviewed sources as you would like in order to make your document strong.  Please note that all resources must be peer reviewed or points will be deducted.

B) This writing assignment should adhere to APA style and be uploaded in Microsoft WORD format only. Do NOT upload your document as a PDF.

C) Project must be between 3-5 pages not including the title page and reference list. This means 3 complete pages.

D) All references must be current within 5 years old and articles from the US, no exceptions.

***Please note that here at UL you MUST include a running head in your APA paper.  This is based on each institutional preference.

**Please do not use any facility names in your document for confidentiality purposes.

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