Open Discussion 2

Open Discussion

An open discussion, although ungraded, provides you with the opportunity to collaborate with your peers regarding specific topics.


Use this as an opportunity to identify sources to obtain external factor information about your selected organization for the Strategic Management Project.

There is a wealth of information available to organizations to conduct an analysis of their environment. There are both published and unpublished sources. For this course, we will improve our research skills by using published sources of information. These published sources include periodicals, journals, reports, government documents, books, directories, newspapers, and manuals.

What to Post?

Use Table 3-7 (in your textbook) and select three sources. Post information about your three selected sources. Be sure to provide the name of the source, what data this reference provides, and briefly discuss what information you found on the organization that you will be using for your project management case.


By completing this activity, you should be able to gather external information that can be used to construct your strategic management project.


It is recommended for you to complete this Open Discussion early on in the week. This will give everyone a chance to respond throughout the week. 

If you are posting your initial response, select the Start a New Thread button.
If you are responding, select the Reply to Thread button for the thread you wish to respond to.

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