Open Discussion 8

Open Discussion

An open discussion, although ungraded, provides you with the opportunity to collaborate with your peers regarding specific topics. This open discussion asks you to reflect on your passions, and then share them with your peers.


A board of directors is a group of individuals at the top of an organization with oversight and guidance over management and who look out for shareholders’ interests. The act of oversight and direction is referred to as governance.

What to Post?

Select a Fortune 500 company and research its board of directors. Compose a post discussing the structure, composition and duties of the board members. Then compare and contrast at least two classmates’ posts.


By completing this activity, you should be able to clearly outline the responsibilities and duties of a Board of Directors.


It is recommended for you to complete this Open Discussion early on in the week. This will give everyone a chance to respond throughout the week.

If you are posting your initial response, select the Start a New Thread button.
If you are responding, select the Reply to Thread button for the thread you wish to respond to.

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