org., or .net sites 

Please find your name on the table below, for the topic that you have been assigned.

Review your textbook.

You may use .gov and .edu websites, as well as

Do not use .com, .org., or .net sites

Part 1 Essay (20 points)In your own words, discuss your assigned topic in 250-300 words. You must include:

  • an overview of the topic: What is this topic about? Why is it a hot topic?
  • health implications: Does this improve health, damage health?
  • related diet modifications: How does food factor in? Must you eat specific food/ supplements?

Part 2 Comments (5 points): Comment on a topic that is different than yours.

In 50-100 words state what new information you learned. In addition, how might this impact your behavior in the future, or what you personally think about the topic, or share a personal experience that relates. (5 points)

Part 3 References (5 points)

You can simply paste your links; no formal formatting is required. Remember you must stic to .gov or .edu sites, with the single exception of

Part 4 Spelling and grammar ( 5 points): Yes! They count.




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