original, self-contained,


Project topic
Healthcare Waste Management in Nigeria and its Implications for Human Health Risk
a. An original, self-contained, short, and powerful statement that describes your project case and should include the following sections:
i. Purpose of the case study
ii. Background of the case study.
iii. Contents of the case study.
iv. Results or conclusion of the case study.
v. One (1) page in length.
3. Interview
a. Arrange to interview a person within a health organization and learn about his or her experiences as it relates to a strategic issue within their healthcare organization. Decide what questions you would like to ask your interviewee based on the strategic issue before the interview (10-12 Questions). C original, self-contained,onduct your interview with this person, and take careful notes. This interview can be conducted in person or over the phone. Your interview section should include the following sections:
i. Summarize whom you selected to be your interviewee, by summarizing any background about this person.
ii. Explain when and where you conducted your interview with this person.
iii. Explain why you selected this person and tell what experience he or she has had with the health care organization.
iv. List the questions you asked this person and summarize their responses.
v. Analyze each response and share what important things did you notice or discover?
vi. What strategic health care issue did you identify through the interview and why do you think it is important?
4. Strategic Recommendation
a. Describe the intervention, program, product or service that will remedy the healthcare issue identified during the interview.
5. Objectives
a. Define (1) measurable short-term objectives (6-12 months)
b. Define (1) measurable long-term objectives (1-2 years)
c. For each objective, describe the tool that will be used to track whether or not you are achieving each objective.
d. You will need a separate tool for each objective.

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