Good day Sir/Madam,

please, this assignment is due next week, take your time and write it; if possible give it to someone else to read after written because, if okay with writing will dispute the paper

Please, from this day forth, if you’re rewriting papers for me, use the reference because that is a direct link to the article, journal, or a textbook read and understand and rewrite base on your understanding of your words. Please find the attached papers re-write the paper with clear understanding, and make it plagiarize free based on the question. Also, please rewrite it from paragraph to paragraph and do not mix up the paragraph. For example, do not make paragraphs one, two, or three; the paper will make no sense because the attached document is 70% plagiarized. Please, take your time to read it over because will only deal with someone who follows the instruction of my paper(s)

Another thing, please, in my papers, can you minimize the use of PASSIVE VOICE all over my papers. For example, being included, are located, be considered, be accomplished, and the use of too many that, the & more in a sentence.

Note: the assignment “Rubric” is attached with the paper. Please, read the “Rubric” and pay attention to all embolden words in Rubric. Also, the conclusion of the paper is not written in this paper, try and follow the Rubric instruction to provide conclusion on the paper.


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