Patient Emergency Room

Assignment: Course Project – Research

Research Topic: Patient Emergency Room wait time after the implementation of EHR

Scenario: We installed a patient check-in kiosk in the emergency room during the implementation of the EHR, which captured the patient’s name, date of birth, the reason for the visit, and check-in time. The patient emergency room wait time after the implementation of the EHR is another area I want to see have it improve over the years as well. I know when the system was first installed, patients were complaining of the wait time was too long. That the patients had to check in on a kiosk, and then the ER patient register would call the patient to the registration desk to finish the patient information. The older patients complained that they did not understand how to work the kiosk. They are already not feeling well. They felt like that is what the registers were getting paid to do, which is check in the patients. Now, I would love to know if their train of thought has changed or is it still the same.

Assignment requirements:

What research sources have you found? Provide in proper APA formatting an annotated bibliography identifying your resources for your project. Also include a high-level outline (the main points) of your research paper. For information about annotated bibliographies, go to the online library, which is available through the Resources tab.

Save your assignment as a Microsoft Word document.



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