Perimeter Defence

The purpose of this Discussion Board is to prep you for your Semester Project. The goal is to allow you to ‘crowdsource’ what the Internet has to offer in the way of security policy templates. A Google search turned up over 50 million hits on the phrase ‘security policy templates’. So, you will each do a search for your favorite security policy templates and post them here. You need to post three because there is a chance any one of you might post a template that someone else has found. Then find any ONE of your peers’ three templates and present a creative criticism of it in some fashion. Essentially you need to defend your three choices by pointing out why any ONE of theirs is not as good as any of your three choices. This could get ugly real quick, so be nice! You are not criticizing your peer’s work, only pointing out reasons why the template they chose might not be appropriate as a model to work on their Security Policy with.

For this assignment, you are expected to have a formal outline of the project handed in for this assignment. The outline should show how all the elements of your Semester Project are sequenced, and what points you’ll make in each section. In the interests of giving you the greatest amount of flexibility, there is no formal structure that you have to follow, unless clearly specified by your instructor. Even so, you might have guessed by now that there are certain expected elements in any security policy, so don’t be too creative.

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