Answer each question in your own words. Do not use citations or direct quotes from the textbook or another source. Each question is worth 10 points.

You will be graded on how you answer each question in complete sentences and for explaining your own political thinking. Incorporate political terms you have learned in this course to help support your position.

1. In the video “medical error,” under module 8-course recap, the parents filed a civil lawsuit against the hospital. Do you think that nurses should also be held accountable for medical errors? If you were a Judge in a civil hearing, would you find the nurses guilty of medical malpractice? Explain your verdict. And if found guilty what sanctions would you impose on the nurses? If not guilty, is there anyone else you would have found guilty in this civil lawsuit?

2. Should the legal drinking age be changed from 21 and lowered to 18 years old? If you were a Senator in your State, would you vote yes or no for this law change?  Explain your reasoning for voting for yes or no to lower the drinking age from 21 to 18 in the United States?

3. One of the most conservational topics in the US government is free health care vs. free college education for a bachelor’s degree. If you were the governor for your State, and the federal government is awarding block grant funds, but you can only choose either to give residents of your state free health care or free college education up until a bachelor’s degree is conferred, which would you select and why?

4. In question #3, you explained if you were the governor of your State, you would either select to receive funding from the federal government for free health care or free college education for the residents of your State. Would there be an income requirement for residents to receive the selection you chose for the State? Explain if yes or no income requirement or any additional requirements you would implement for a resident to receive either free health care or college education?

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