populations health risks.

1. In 200 words – Complete a cultural assessment on one cultural population group within the community who is at risk for a particular diseases, provide a feedback regarding your assessment as it relates to this populations health risks.

2. In 200 words – Describe the customs and traditions within this group and the impact it has on their health.

3. In 200 words -Define primary, secondary and tertiary intervention methods as it relates to nursing.

4. In 200 words – Recommend primary secondary and tertiary nursing intervention measures to provide assistance to this cultural group, in an effort to improve their health. Give several example for each intervention types. And outline the intervention plan. Example of intervention types are provided below.

Primary Prevention

The goal is to protect healthy people from developing a disease or experiencing an injury

Example include :- education about good nutrition, exercise, dangers of tobacco, alcohol, drugs, Regular physical exam.

Secondary Prevention

Interventions that happen after an illness or serious risk factors have already been diagnosed. Goal is to slow or stop progress of disease in early stages; to limit long-term disability and prevent re-injury

Example telling people to take daily, low-dose aspirin to prevent a first or second heart attack or stroke. Recommending regular exams and screening

tests in people with known risk factors for illness

Tertiary Prevention focus on rehabilitation Focus on helping people manage complicated, long term health problems such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer and chronic musculoskeletal pain. Goals include preventing further physical deterioration and maximizing quality of life

Example cardiac or stroke rehabilitation program

Chronic pain management program

Patient support groups

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