PowerPoint presentation on one of the topics belo

Prepare a PowerPoint presentation on one of the topics below.  Your PowerPoint presentation should examine and discuss the facts and circumstances surrounding the case, the ethical dilemma posed by the facts and circumstances, and the national response. After viewing your PowerPoint presentation, the viewer should have a comprehensive understanding of the topic.

Details: The presentation should be no less than 10 slides, including a works cited page. The information contained in the presentation should be written in your own words. (Avoid copy and paste. You have the ability to write a great presentation!) Be sure to cite to the source of your research. You are encouraged to link in news clips, videos, pictures etc.

Approved topics:

Tuskegee study of syphilis

Substituted judgment (Karen Ann Quinlan/Terry Schiavo)

Assisted suicide (Dr. Jack Kevorkian)

The sequencing of the human genome

Stem cell research

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