Practical Assignment 1

Recruitment, Selection, and Hiring

This is the practical assignment where you will practice skills related to employment law that will translate into real-life skills that will be utilized in your career as a human resources specialist.  For Module 1, your assignment is as follows:

You are the human resources specialist at a law firm.  The law firm partners have notified you that they wish to hire a new associate lawyer for the firm.  He or she must possess, at a minimum, all of the credentials and qualifications required for employment as a lawyer in the state of Florida. Experience in the field of estate planning is preferred. The position will be salaried with bonus potential and include benefits.

    1. Prepare a written job advertisement for the position of a new associate lawyer.  This advertisement should include all requirements necessary for employment and clearly delineate what the firm is looking for in the new hire.  Use your own creativity where needed. Be sure not to copy the examples below exactly. Here is some additional information that will help you complete this task:

    How To Write The Perfect Job Advertisement   opens in a new window

               Examples of Lawyer Job Advertisements opens in a new window

2. Prepare a list of ten interview questions to ask applicants for this position. Be sure to avoid any discriminatory practices.  Use the link below with examples of questions and answers.  Please use this as a resource and do not submit exact duplicates of the examples provided.

Examples of Questions and Answers opens in a new window

Be sure to review the scoring rubric prior to submitting your assignment. Please submit Practical Assignment 1 as one Word document to this assignment folder no later than Sunday 11:59 PM EST/EDT. (This folder may be linked to Turnitin.)

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