Practical Assignment 2

At-Will Employment

This is the practical assignment where you will practice skills related to employment law that will translate into real-life skills that will be utilized in your career as a human resources specialist.

For Module 2, your assignment is as follows:

Louis and Jeannette are the owners of a restaurant that specializes in lobster rolls.  The restaurant is located in Virginia and is only open from Friday to Sunday each week.  One employee, named Eva, is tasked by her employer with ordering and acquiring the lobster each week from a supplier in Maine. Her weekly schedule is as follows:

  • On Sunday, she places the order for lobster from the supplier in Maine.
  • On Monday, she leaves Virginia Beach, Virginia, in the company’s refrigerated truck on her way to the lobster supplier in Bar Harbor, Maine.
  • On Tuesday, she arrives in Bar Harbor, Maine, and acquires the week’s lobster supply from the supplier.
  • On Wednesday, she begins the return trip back to Virginia Beach, Virginia.
  • On Thursday, she arrives in Virginia Beach, Virginia, and delivers the lobster to the restaurant owned by Louis and Jeannette.

One day, it comes to the attention of Louis and Jeannette that Eva is ordering additional lobster from the supplier that is being delivered weekly to a nearby competitor.  Eva has been using the company vehicle to transport the additional supply and has been personally benefiting monetarily from this arrangement with a competitor.

  1. In memorandum form, make a recommendation as to whether the employee should be terminated and provide the basis, therefore. If you decide that the employee should be terminated, state whether the termination should be considered at will or for cause and provide your reasons for this determination.
  2. In the memorandum, propose a course of action for notifying the employee of the termination; and
  3. In the memorandum discuss the possible consequences of either not terminating the employee or terminating the person’s employment.

Be sure to review the scoring rubric prior to submitting your assignment. Please submit Practical Assignment 2 as one Word document to this assignment folder no later than Sunday 11:59 PM EST/EDT. (This folder may be linked to Turnitin.)

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