Practical Assignment 7

Worker’s Compensation

This is the practical assignment where you will practice skills related to employment law that will translate into real-life skills that will be utilized in your career as a human resources specialist.

For Module 7, your assignment is as follows:

As the HR specialist for a large technology company, your next task is as follows:
1.    Review the following fact pattern:

Eva, an IT employee, was driving a company car headed to a supplier to pick up computer parts to repair a downed server. On her way to the supplier, her car was struck from behind by another vehicle whose driver was texting. Eva suffered a concussion, back and neck injuries, and broken ribs. She was taken to a local hospital after the accident and has been recovering at home for the past month.

2.   Prepare a Memorandum:

a.    outlining the steps to be taken in evaluating the worker’s injury and the company’s responsibility under the applicable workers’ compensation laws; and
b.    addressing steps that should be taken in the future to avoid or reduce the company’s legal liability in this regard.


Be sure to review the scoring rubric prior to submitting your assignment. Please submit Practical Assignment 7 as one Word document to this assignment folder no later than Sunday 11:59 PM EST/EDT. (This folder may be linked to Turnitin.)

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