President Obama’s Patient P

Both reply are about the President Obama’s Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.


Maria R

You make some good points and what about the impact on the nursing? I have seen an increase in use of PA and NPs as a result of the shortage. It can drive more to our profession which could be great, but in the meantime how do we ensure that we have staff to address the access issues?

Prof L


  1. ACA reduced the number of Americans without healthcare coverage to a historic low of 8.8% in 2016. The act also increased access to healthcare and finances by expanding Medicaid offering more people with low-income to access healthcare. Finally, ACA increased preventive care allowing recognition and treatment of chronic diseases before they become fatal.
  2. The value-based payment for hospitals reduced negligence and improved the quality of healthcare. The act also increased healthcare access by nearly 20 million people gaining coverage. Healthcare access is pivotal for the provision of better healthcare services.
  3. The ACA is a political battle due to the negative effect that the act has on the wealthy. Repealing the act will reduce tax burdens by $46,000 for American millionaires (Kirsch, 2013). The act also spurs political battle due to the individual mandate directive that remains controversial (Kirsch, 2013).

Kirsch, R. (2013). The politics of Obamacare: Health care, money, and ideology. Fordham Law Review, 81(4), 1737-1747.

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