programmable logic controllers

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Need powerpoint(ppt) of 10 slides for the below final project topic

The Stuxnet virus is a computer worm that came to the attention of the world in 2010 after a series of damages had happened to multiple centrifuges in a Natanz uranium facility in Iran. The computer worm attacked programmable logic controllers and is believed to have been created by the Israeli intelligence and the USA CIA. The virus sent self-destroy instructions to the PLCs, leading to the damage of a number of significant centrifuges in the nuclear center and thus bringing the losses to the attention of the management of the center. The virus was programmed to selfdestroy in 2012; however, others, also referred to as its babies, have been spotted. The ‘babies’ of the virus have certain qualities that are attributed to the original Stuxnet virus. The viruses are believed to have been derived from the Stuxnet Virus. Therefore, in my final research project, I aim at looking at how the virus operated, the different types of babies it has, and how the virus has affected warfare.

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