Project Mission Statement –

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I’m trying to learn for my Health & Medical class and I’m stuck. Can you help?


Hi, we have this project going on and I need help with the financial factor. I will copy the project statement and the purpose of the project and the guideline of my part down there, I will add you as my tutor to work with you the entire project because my part is estimate and I need someone to work with the whole project.

Project Mission Statement 

The mission statement of this project is to view how college students have an impact on health and obesity rates within the 20+ years adults in Kern County. The goal is to determine the health impact of college students, research their typical lifestyle, and find resources to improve their overall health and weight and reach a desired outcome of a lower obesity rate.

Purpose of the Project

Young adult brings changes that can cause unwanted weight gain. College students during their first couple of years are introduced to stress, less sleep, independency, and limited personal time. All in which play a factor to weight gain. Stress and sleep causes weight gain due to impacting the metabolism, independency gives students full control as to what and when they eat, and limited personal time sometimes doesn’t involve exercise.

The proposed solution would be to implement a nutritional and informational course discussing rapid weight gain within college students and decrease potential weight gain. The course would talk about food intake, exercising, sleep patterns, and making sure that health is more important than image. The teaching course could be implemented at California State University, Bakersfield as well as Bakersfield College as a seminar during the first week of school. The study would target Freshmen and Sophomores. The teaching course could possibly link with certain introduction course for extra credit. There would be initial weigh in after the seminar is done and final weigh in during the last week of school.

My part:Project Mission Statement –

FinancialFactors – Ahad

  • Summarize a forecast of the project budget (expenditures) and estimated return on investment. Support this forecast summary with a spreadsheet. This is an estimate and will be refined as project work progresses.

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