key terms in migration

There are two items to read here.  The International Office on Migration, originally Intergovernmental Committee for European Migration, maintains an updated list of key terms relating to migration.  These help in our discussion on insecure documentation, and gives global context to our examination of the Border and the Undocumented.  (*I do realize now that Persons without Documentation would be a more accurate term for my own use.)  Please read the current list, paying particular attention to ‘remittances’ and “Internally Displaced Persons,” as these terms will come back in a later page. (Links to an external site.)

Then, consider how the US-focused advocacy group Freedom For Immigrants presents its glossary at (Links to an external site.).  Pay particular attention to the document’s discussion on differences and use of alien/illegal immigrant/undocumented immigrant, and immigrant/emigrant/migrant.

In the discussion below, write a few sentences EITHER on what you find to be the most important/interesting term in either list, OR about the differences between the two lists and how these differences enhance our understanding of migration policy challenges.  You are welcome to include your points in response to a classmate’s comments, or to start your own thread (if you are discussing the same term, just be sure to include your own new information/perspective!).

P.S. If you want a really deep dive into the legalities of migration regimes, take a look at the IOM’s 248-page International Migration Law glossary at

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