Reaction Essay #2

This first reaction paper is due by 20th October at the latest.  Earlier submissions are encouraged!

Please write a 3-4 page essay in response to the current module’s reading/viewing assignments.  Among the items you may wish to discuss (you are free to choose from any of these, or use your own along similar lines):

  • how this module’s information/ideas either complements or contradicts what you have previously studied or heard (indicate where you obtained your prior information)
  • whether or not you find this module’s information/ideas convincing, and why
  • updates to this module’s information/ideas: if you hear/read additional or newer information over the course of the week that changes how you process what this class presents
  • what additional information you would like to know in order to further process what we are covering, and where you might go about finding it (this is NOT a research assignment, so for the purposes of the reaction paper there is no need to carry out further research)

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