optional make-up reaction paper

If you submitted all three reaction papers, you are done with this set of requirements and can disregard this page!

If you missed one of the three reaction papers, your score for this paper will replace the zero.

Please write a 3-4 page essay in response to the current module’s reading/viewing assignments.  Among the items you may wish to discuss (you are free to choose from any of these, or use your own along similar lines):

  • how this module’s information/ideas either complements or contradicts what you have previously studied or heard (indicate where you obtained your prior information)
  • whether or not you find this module’s information/ideas convincing, and why
  • updates to this module’s information/ideas: if you hear/read additional or newer information over the course of the week that changes how you process what this class presents
  • what additional information you would like to know in order to further process what we are covering, and where you might go about finding it (this is NOT a research assignment, so for the purposes of the reaction paper there is no need to carry out further research)

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