Ebola comparisons

The full-length film is no longer available online, but please view the five clips from the 2018 documentary “Survivors.” From the website’s description: “Through the eyes of two Sierra Leoneans, Survivors presents an intimate portrait of the country during the Ebola outbreak, exposing the complexity of the epidemic and the turmoil that lies in its wake. With filmmaker and pastor Arthur Pratt as a guide, Survivors provides unique access into the outbreak, providing a deft account the health catastrophe’s political and personal ramifications.”  I realize that there is no clip #4.

As you watch, note the parallels not just in terms of public policy, but also in terms of political and social messaging.  In the discussion section below, indicate which of the public policy measures/messaging campaigns illustrated you find either most effective or least effective, noting the differences in applicability between Ebola and COVID-19.  You may either state a new point, or add new information/perspective on another student’s point.

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