Discussion Questions

This unit encourages us to gain an applied understanding of the evaluation stage of the public policy process.  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is known for robust, multi-dimensional policy and program evaluation.  This CDC presentation (Links to an external site.) is another tool that you may want to retain for your future academic and professional work. It’s a pretty good outline of the evaluation process that can be adapted for other sectors, agencies, academic inquiries, etc.

First, take some time to review the presentation as a whole. There are crisp definitions, interesting examples and

How does the CDC define policy evaluation? What are the purposes of policy evaluation?

What distinctions do they make between “evaluation” and “policy evaluation”?

Where does the CDC locate this stage of the public policy process? Is it linear or dynamic? Explain.

Discuss the utility of the logic model in policy evaluation. Why is it useful? What are its limitations?

Describe the three most common types of evaluations.

What are the distinctions between primary and secondary data?  Qualitative and quantitative data?

What does the CDC recommend evaluators do with their findings?

How is policy evaluation useful in other dimension of the public policy process? Offer examples.

What is your takeaway on the policy evaluation component of the public policy process after reviewing the CDC presentation?


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