Discussion Questions

Read Turnpenny, et. Al. (2015) The tools of policy formulation: an introduction.  Respond to the following questions:


1. How do the authors define policy formulation? Why is the public policy formulation stage understudied and undervalued most “poorly understood” (6) of all the public policy stages, according to the authors?   2 pts

2. What are policy formulation tools, and what is the relationship between policy formulation and policy formulation tools?  and why are the authors attempting to bring “the study of policy formulation tools back into the mainstream of public policy research” (5) ?   2 pts

3. Who are some typical actors in the policy formulation process? 2 pts

4. The authors posit that policy formulation is a  process within a broader (overall public policy) process and relate five tasks which constitute “standard steps or tasks of policy formulation”.  List and briefly describe those steps.   3 pts

5. What are policy formation venues and how is this explained through Figure 1.1.?  3 pts

6. Why did policy formulation tools fall in ‘disfavor’ (the ‘turn away’) and why do the authors claim this subfield of study is undergoing a “renaissance” (the turnback)? 3 pts

7.  Finally, what are some of these policy formulation tools and how do they correspond to the five steps of policy formulation? i.e. how do the authors intersect these concepts to “structure a typology of policy formulation tools….based on what they may be capable of?” To answer this question, you should refer to the typology in Table 1.1 on page 21.   5 pts

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