women and gender quiz

Question 1

/ 1 pts

What is NOT one way that colonizers shifted gender norms and gender dynamics?

Correct Answer

legitimizing gender-expansive identities

disregarding female political leadership

criminalizing polygamy

You Answered

the colonizers did all of these things

Question 2

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How is “Gender and Development” a more efficient approach than “Women in Development”?


all of these answers are correct

it includes considerations of gender dynamics beyond just the role of women

it goes beyond a gender binary

it allows people who are not women to more fully engage

Question 3

/ 1 pts

Gender-based violence includes


all of these answers are correct



intimate partner violence

Question 4

/ 1 pts

A government which does not criminalize violence against women


provides a permissive environment for gender-based violence

is good at minding it’s own business

lacks intersectionality

puts constraints on micro-level violence

Question 5

/ 1 pts

Full gender equality can be found



in the Scandinavian countries

where zipper quotas are in place

in Rwanda

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