Final Exam

Question 1

/ 5 pts

Which statement best describes the Rehnquist court?

more liberal than recent courts


five conservative justices largely controlled its decisions

dominated by four middle of the road justices

a solid four justice conservative bloc

Question 2

/ 5 pts

Which statement best describes Congressional reaction to Supreme Court decisions:


it is easier to alter statutory interpretations than constitutional interpretations

it is easier to alter constitutional interpretations than statutory interpretations

in earlier years, passing constitutional amendments occurred relatively frequently

Congress rarely reacts to Supreme Court decisions

Question 3

/ 5 pts

If the Supreme Court decides to review a case, they issue:

a writ of jurisdiction

a bill of attainder

a writ of habeas corpus


a writ of certiorari

Question 4

/ 5 pts

Protecting a person from being prosecuted a second time after he or she has been found innocent is termed:

ex post facto

right to one appeal


double jeopardy

fourth amendment right

Question 5

/ 5 pts

Efforts to improve the efficiency of appellate courts have included all of the following except,

eliminating oral argument

issuing summary affirmations

issuing unpublished opinions


eliminating dissenting opinions

Question 6

/ 5 pts

Which statement best describes post‑conviction remedies:

they may be filed only in federal court

they are limited to issues raised on appeal


they are limited to constitutional defects

they are limited to one filing

Question 7

/ 5 pts

Which of the following is NOT a permissible technique for dealing with prejudicial pretrial publicity?

sequestering the jury

change of venue

forbidding either party to provide the press with information


prohibiting the press from publishing information about the case

Question 8

/ 5 pts

In which type of lawsuit is one most likely to find a one-shotter suing a repeat player?



small claims



Question 9

/ 5 pts

The following is an order by the court requiring a person to produce documents in their possession:


subpoena duces tecum




Question 10

/ 5 pts

In an uncontested divorce a judge is called upon to perform which of the following?

procedural adjudication

decisional adjudication

diagnostic adjudication


routine administration

Question 11

/ 5 pts

Limits on punitive damages are an example of:

You Answered

stare decisis

common law evolution

policy litigation

Correct Answer

tort reform

Question 12

/ 5 pts

If a defendant pleads guilty to two of four charges, this is termed:

charge bargaining

sentence bargaining


count bargaining

implicit bargaining

Question 13

/ 5 pts

Which of the following is designed as a check on unwarranted prosecution?


initial appearance


preliminary hearing

arrest warrant

Question 14

/ 5 pts

Illegally obtained evidence may be excluded under the prohibition against unreasonable searches and seizures of the:

First Amendment


Fourth Amendment

Eight Amendment

Fifth Amendment

Question 15

/ 5 pts

A class action lawsuit is brought by:

inmates in order to receive access to education

the government against illegal aliens

a group of people in a similar situation


one person or interest group on behalf of others

Question 16

/ 5 pts

With regard to media coverage of court cases:

the Constitution gives the media the right to cover all parts of court cases

media have only those rights granted to them by judges


parties work to balance open access and the need for a fair trial

lawyers for the parties work out in advance the level of media coverage for court activities

Question 17

/ 5 pts

Complaints about the conduct of federal judges are first considered by:

the Chief Justice

Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts


judicial councils

chief judge of the District Court

Question 18

/ 5 pts

Large law firms represent primarily:



businesses large and small



Question 19

/ 5 pts

The Supreme Court decision that extended Constitutional guarantees of due process to juvenile proceedings was:


In re Gault

Miranda v. Arizona

Gideon v. Wainwright

Junior v. Madison

Question 20

/ 5 pts

Public law involves:

two private parties

a mediation specialist

an arbitration specialist


the government

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