Discussion 6

First of all, think about this question.  Which is correct?

A. Girls

B. Gals

C. Ladies

D. Women

Now, watch the following video clip (from the 1:05 mark until 3:24)

What would your reaction be today if the evening news anchor referred to women in the Air Force as “girl pilots” and made the following comments? “The Air Force wants to get some muscles on those pretty little arms” and “The little blond on the right, with her hair bleached by the sun, you or I might judge by other standards….”

This video was produced in 1943.  How have references to women changed over the years?  How has society changed its views concerning gender roles?   What examples can you think of where you or someone you know use the term “girls” when referring to grown females?   How is that okay?  Or is it not okay?  What, if any other issues concerning gender issues come to mind?


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