How to Tie a Shoe

For this activity, you will need to make a brief video of yourself and submit it for your instructor and peers to see. Be certain that you are videoing yourself from about your waist up and not just your head.

Your task, once you begin your video, is to give your audience very detailed instructions for how to tie a shoe. You are to assume that they do not know anything about how to do this. Most importantly, you are not to make any movement with your hands, your head, or any other part of your body while giving these directions. (We, your audience will be watching to verify that you are doing as instructed.)

Gesturing, or talking with our hands is a form of non-verbal / non-vocal communication that we commonly use to accompany our verbal / vocal communication. Think about how often you use your hands when you talk. What was it like for you in this activity to give directions without being able to use your hands? What types of situations can you think of where gesturing is helpful or necessary? What situations can you think of where gesturing would be inappropriate or distracting?


Post your video no later than Thursday 11:59 PM EST/EDT.

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