question accordingly


Answer each question accordingly and provide details and examples.

Personalize answers that needs to be personalized.

Cite resources and please apply at least one peer-reviewed professional article from the field of nursing to your reflection.

Please include a title page and reference list in APA formatting, 7th edition.

For this assignment, please review this week’s content regarding organizational culture, compassion fatigue, and work burnout. Please answer the following questions:

Dimitrios and Konstantinos (2014) define organizational culture as “a set of beliefs, values, customs, traditions and practices which are experiences of and beliefs of all members of an organization.” According to Dimitrios and Konstantinos (2014), culture of an organization affects the way members of the organization are linked to each other and also their relationship with other people who are not part of the organization. Furthermore, organizations with “bad” culture lead to low efficiency of the employee and also psychological, physical and spiritual effects. This topic reminds me of our current pandemic. Nurses and other healthcare professionals are fearful of their own health and their families’ health, with fatigue from the stress of caring for patients with Covid-19.

1. Describe certain nursing or healthcare situations that may lead to compassion fatigue or work burnout.

2. Reflect upon a situation where you experienced or witnessed someone with compassion fatigue or burnout in a previous job or during your nursing education. If you have not experienced a situation, you can create one.

3. Did your organization have any interventions to deal with compassion fatigue or work burnout? What were the opportunities, and were they helpful? 

4. What other interventions would you recommend that an organization could incorporate into their employee policy? Please support your answer with a scholarly article.

5. What personal habits/hobbies/outlets do you have to keep yourself emotionally healthy dealing with stressful situations such as compassion fatigue or burnout? 

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