Question B

Question B

Discuss which function of a business’s operations you think is the most important. Why?


Managers vs. Leaders

Discuss whether or not you were aware of the differences between managers and leaders. Now that you are aware of the differences, does this change your outlook on being a manager versus a leader? Why or why not?


Perceptions of HRM

What was your perception of HR prior to this week’s lesson?  Has this perception changed?  Why or why not?


Social Media and the Future of Marketing

Would you agree or disagree that social media is the future of marketing? Why or why not? How is social media currently being used to market products?


Financial Management

Why is financial management essential to the success of a company? What can potentially happen if the cash flow is not properly managed?


Impact of Technology

What is the impact that technology has had on our society? What would our world be like without it?


Business Ethics

What does it mean for a business to act ethically and why is it important?


Review and Reflect

Review and reflect on what you have learned over the past 8 weeks. Identify and discuss what the most practical and easily applied lesson you learned was. Also, discuss which lesson was the hardest for you to grasp? Why?

the answer only have to be 75 to 150 words

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