Quiz 5

Question 1 (4 points)

Discuss the key relationships of the prosecutor with others in the criminal justice system.

Question 2 (2 points)

U.S. district courts exist:
Question 2 options:
A) in only the 10 largest states.
B) to handle all criminal cases that arise in the country.
C) to share appellate responsibilities with state supreme courts.
D) to handle trial-level federal cases.

Question 3 (2 points)

U.S. district courts are often referred to as __________ courts.
Question 3 options:
A) appeals
B) country
C) state supreme
D) trial

Question 4 (2 points)

In the United States, the judicial system operates according to a(n) __________ system of justice.
Question 4 options:
A) adversarial
B) inquisitorial
C) civil law
D) authoritarian

Question 5 (2 points)

Which is not characteristic of a workgroup?
Question 5 options:
A) Interaction among members
B) Sharing of goals
C) Continued interaction that brings conflict
D) Members developing a set of norms about how they will interact

Question 6 (2 points)

The purpose of drug courts is to divert substance abusers away from incarceration.
Question 6 options:

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