Quiz: Discipline and Challenges in Working with Children

Question 12 pts
Banking time with children means:
Group of answer choices

set aside 15-20 mins per day to let the child take the lead in play

every time a child behaves they get 10 mins with the parent

keep track of how long the child is in time out

All of the above

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Question 22 pts
When you handle your child’s not-okay behavior by correcting, criticizing and complaining about it, you will see less of it.
Group of answer choices



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Question 32 pts
“Strong-Willed” as defined by the Princeton University WordNet Dictionary as:
Group of answer choices

having a determined will

being defiant in their willfulness

born leaders

disrespect for authority

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Question 42 pts
Parents must use the same methods of discipline with each of their children in order to be fair.
Group of answer choices



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Question 52 pts
Children should be disciplined for both willful defiance and childhood irresponsibility.
Group of answer choices



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Question 62 pts
When Oppositional Defiant children get upset, they:
Group of answer choices

trust others to make decisions for them

try to control their world

are helped by being given what they want

none of the above

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Question 72 pts
When entering a counseling relationship with a child, it is important to remember that you should always tell the parents everything that is said by the child.
Group of answer choices



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Question 82 pts
Discipline is about:
Group of answer choices

reacting to a child’s misbehavior


teaching children

always implementing strict consequences

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Question 92 pts
According to Dr. Robert Shaw, he uses card tricks to teach children about:
Group of answer choices

play therapy




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Question 102 pts
Some children have difficulty establishing   ______ in a counseling relationship because of their previous interactions with adults.
Group of answer choices



new ideas


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Question 112 pts
According to Clinton and Sibcy, the goal is to parent like God, with the perfect balance of:
Group of answer choices

discipline and love

love and grace

love and punishment

discipline and punishment

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Question 122 pts
To modify your child’s behavior, Clinton and Sibcy recommend using what kind of response:
Group of answer choices





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Question 132 pts
It is not important to be specific when giving your child praise, because general praise is effective.
Group of answer choices



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Question 142 pts
When a child asks “why?”, a parent should not answer, as this is a sign of disrespect.
Group of answer choices



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Question 152 pts
According to Amber Duff, one of the most important things about counseling a child and their family is:
Group of answer choices

building rapport

keeping the parent out of the counseling process

giving them skills

providing challenges to the family

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Question 162 pts
How long should a parent wait after “not-okay” behavior ends before looking for behavior to praise:
Group of answer choices

10-15 seconds

30 seconds

2 minutes

5 minutes

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Question 172 pts
Which one is not a principle for making praise effective:
Group of answer choices

Be specific

Be immediate

praise constantly

combine verbal praise with physical touch

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Question 182 pts
Intentional ignoring of children does involve:
Group of answer choices

no eye contact

no talking

gentle touching


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Question 192 pts
One effective way to stop “not-okay” behavior is to ignore it.
Group of answer choices



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Question 202 pts
According to the licensed professionals on the video lecture, a large part of counseling children includes:
Group of answer choices

family systems concepts



all of the above

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