Quiz: Dispositions Reflection

The quiz:

  • Covers the Learn material from Module 1: Week 1 and Module 8: Week 8.
  • Contains 9 multiple-choice and 1 essay questions.
  • Is limited to 60 minutes.
  • Allows 1 attempt.
  • Is worth 10 points.

This Dispositions Reflection quiz will ask you to rate yourself on the nine dispositions required for this program by our accrediting bodies using the following scale:

  • Exceeds expectations – I believe I do this exceptionally well.
  • Clearly meets expectations – I believe I am able to do this in an appropriate way as expected for graduate students at my current position in the program.
  • Adequately meets expectations – I believe I do this but could use improvement and growth in this dispositional area.
  • Does not meet expectations – I believe I do not do this well and could use improvement.

You can review the Dispositions material located in the Learn sections of Module 1: Week 1 and Module 8: Week 8. We ask that you answer these questions in an open and honest way. There are no “correct” answers for the rating questions quiz, simply answer them honestly and you will receive full credit.

The final question on the quiz is a self-reflection essay question, where you will specifically identify the following:

  1. One dispositional area in which you believe you need to improve
  2. One step you will take to improve in the above-mentioned area

Please visit livetext.com to complete the second portion of this dispositions assignment in LiveText.

Submit this assignment by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Friday of Module 8: Week 8.

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